Committees for the Session 2018-19

1 Academic monitoring committee

1.Mr. S.S Saini (PGT Eco) I/C
2.Mrs. Babita Sharda (PGT Chem)
3.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh (PGT Hist)
4.Mrs. Raj Kumari (H.M)
Monitoring the academic, remedial &
other Strategies for overall development
of the School. Conduct PTA meeting
2 Admission Committee

1.Mrs. Babita Sharda (PGT Chem) I/C
2.Ms. Shreya Garg (TGT Eng)
3.Mrs. Raj Kumari (HM)
4.Mr. Tarsem Pal (PRT)
To ensure admission as per KVS norms
3 Examination Home

1.Mr. S.S. Saini (PGT Eco) I/C
2.Mrs. Amravati PGT (Phy)
3.Mr. Rahul Dev (TGT SST)
To plan & conduct home examinations.
4 CBSE Cell

1.Mrs. Pushap Lata (PGT Bio) I/C
2.Mr. Baljinder Singh (TGT Sci)
Conduct CBSE Exam and other formality
of registration of students
5 C.C.A

1.Mr. Yog Raj Sharda (PGT Maths) I/C
2.Mr. Shyam Babu PGT (Hindi)
3.Mr. Sukhdev (PGT Hindi)
4.Mrs. Gagandeep Kaur (PGT English)
5.Ms. Shreya Garg TGT (English)
To plan and organize house activities effective
presentation of morning assembly and programs etc.
6 Time Table Secondary

1.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh (PGT Hist.) I/C
2.Mrs. Shalini PGT (commerce)

Time Table Primary

1.Mrs. Neelofer (PRT) I/C
2.Mr. Tarsem Pal (PRT)
To prepare time table and make
Arrangement against leave.
7 Discipline

1.Mr. Om Jha (TGT P&HE) I/C
2.Mr. S.L. Yadav PGT (Comp)
3.Mrs. Pushap Lata (PGT Biology)
4.Mr. Yog Raj Sharda (PGT Maths)
5.Mrs. Shalini PGT (commerce)
6.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh PGT (History)
7.Mrs. Raj Kumri (HM)
8.Mrs. Neelofer (PRT)
9.Mr. Rajiv Kumar (Coach)
Monitor and maintain the discipline.
Check the activity of the students within
the School campus.
8 Maintenance and Repair

1.Mr. S.S. Saini (PRT) I/C
2.Mr. Somraj (TGT Maths)
3.Mr. Rahul Dev TGT (SST)
4.Mr. Suresh Kumar, PRT (Music)
To look after the maintenance and repairing
work of the Vidyalaya building and surrounding.
9 Purchase Committee

1.Mr. S.S Saini (PGT Eco) I/C
2.Mr. Amarjit PGT (Geog)
3.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh (PGT Hist)
4.Mr. Baljinder Singh (TGT Sci)
5.Mr. S.S. Saini (PRT)
Survey of shops for material, call quotations
and acquisition.Ensure all purchase will be made as
per KVS norms.
10 Scout and Guide

1.Mr. Suresh Kumar PRT (Music) I/C
2.Mr. Shyam Lal (TGT SKT)
3.Mr. Tarsem Pal (PRT)
4.Mrs. Neelofer (PRT)
5.Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma (PRT)
Make ensure all scout & guide activity as per KVS norms.
11 School Beautification and Gardening

1.Mrs. Pushap Lata (PGT Bio) I/C
2.Mrs. Manjit Kaur (TGT Art)
3.Mr. Shyam Babu PGT (Hindi)
4.Mrs. Raj Kumri (HM)
To make the Vidyalaya beautiful and colorful and attractive.
12 Hindi Raj Basha

1.Mr. Shyam Babu PGT (Hindi) I/C
2.Mr. Sukhdev Singh (TGT Hindi)
3.Mrs. Sarita (TGT Hindi)
To promote work in Hindi. To ensure implementation
of Rajbhasha Adhiniyam
13 N.A.E.P

1.Mrs. Pushap Lata (PGT Bio) I/C
2.Mrs. Babita Sharda PGT (Chem)
3.Mr. Baljinder Singh (TGT Sci)
Conduct AEP programme and make
Awareness among students.
14 First Aid

1.Mr. Om Jha TGT (P&HE) I/C
2.Mr. Baljinder Singh TGT (Science)
3.Ms. Jasbir Kaur (Nurse)
To maintain first aid kit and to provide first
Aid facility to student and staff & conduct health checkup
twice in a year for all students.
15 Photography and Media

1.Mr. Suresh Kumar PRT (Music) I/C
2.Mr. Narinder Kumar (CI)
Take photography of all functions of the Vidyalaya.
16 Vidyalaya Patrika

1.Mr. Shyam Babu PGT (Hindi) I/C
2.Mr. Yog Raj Sharda PGT (Maths)
3.Mr. Shyam Lal TGT (SKT)
4.Ms. Shreya Garg TGT (English)
5.Ms. Gagandeep Kaur PGT (English)
6.Mr. Sukhdev Singh TGT (Hindi)
To ensure publication of Vidyalaya Patrika in Time.
17 Alumina

1.Mr. Suresh Kumar PRT (Music) I/C
2.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh (PGT Hist)
Formation of Alumina
18 Excursion and Education Trip

1.Mr. Amarjit PGT (Geog) I/C
2.Mr. S.S. Saini PGT (Eco)
3.Mrs. Raj Kumari (H.M)
4.Mr. Suresh Kumar PRT (Music)
Make arrangement of Execution & adventure
and educational tour for the students.
19 Cleanliness Committee

1.Mr. Shyam Babu PGT (Hindi) I/C
2.Mrs. Pushap Lal PGT (Biology)
3.Mr. Shaym Lal TGT (SKT)
4.Mrs. Manjit Kaur TGT (Art)
5.Mr. Om Jha TGT (P&HE)
6.Mrs. Raj Kumari (HM)
7.Mr. Tarsem Pal (PRT)
To monitor the work of outsourcing agency
related to the cleaning of the Vidyalaya
20 Furniture

1.Mr. Som Raj (TGT Maths) I/C
2.Mr. Suresh Kumar PRT (Music)
3.Mr. Tarsem Pal PRT
Maintenance of furniture and ensure
availability of sufficient furniture.
21 Women/ Student Complaint Redressal Cell

1.Mrs. Babita Sarda (PGT Chem) I/C
2.Mr. S.S Saini (PGT Eco)
3.Mrs. Shalini PGT (Commerce)
4.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh PGT (Hist)
5.Mrs. Raj Kumari (HM)
To handle all the issue related to women & girls.
22 Staff quarter maintenance & allotment

1.Mr. Nitya Nand Singh PGT (Hist) I/C
2.Mr. Shyam Babu PGT (Hindi)
3.Mr. Shyam Lal TGT (SKT)
4.Mr. Rahul Dev TGT (SST)
5.Mr. Surinder Singh Saini (PRT)
To ensure regular water and electric
supply and cleanliness. To solve problems related
to staff colony. To ensure maintenance of staff quarters.
Allotment of staff quarters as per KVS norms.
23 Right to Information Act

1.Mr. Suresh Kumar (Music Teacher)
Provide information under RTI.
24 CS-54, Pay Bill & Income Tax

1.Mrs. Shalini PGT (Comm) I/C
2.Mr. Yograj Sharda PGT (Maths)
3.Mr. Som Raj TGT (Maths)
Checking of CS-54 and Pay Bill
25 Condemnation Committee

1.Mrs. Babita Sharda PGT (Chem) I/C
2.Mr. S.S Saini PGT (Eco)
3.Mr. S.S. Saini (PRT)
4.All Stock Holders
Make process for condemnation.
26 Website Maintenance

1.Mr. Sunder Lal Yadav PGT (C.S)
2.Mr. Narinder Kumar (Comp. Inst)
To update Vidyalaya website regularly.
27 SC/ST Cell

1.Mrs. Asha Rani (PRT)
To handle all the issue related to SC and ST
28 Safety & Security monitoring committee

1.Mrs. Shalini PGT (Comm) I/C
2.Mr. S.L. Yadav PGT (Comp)
3.Mr. Yog Raj Sharda PGT (Maths)
4.Mr. Baljinder Singh (TGT Sci)
5.Mrs. Raj Kumari (HM)
6.Mrs. Neelofer (PRT)
7.Mr. Yashbir (PRT)
1. Ensure safety and security of students
2. To ensure safe arrival and return of the students
in vehicles as per RTO instruction.
29 Shalla Darpan

1.Mr. Sunder Lal Yadav PGT (Comp) I/C
2.Mrs. Amravati PGT (Phy)
3.Mr. Baljinder Singh TGT (Science)
4.Mrs. Raj Kumari (HM)
5.Mrs. Neelofer (PRT)
6.All class teachers
Daily attendance and result of the students.
30 Online Fee Collection UBI

1.Mr. Sunder Lal Yadav PGT (Comp) I/C
2.Mr. Narinder Kumar (Comp. inst)
3.All Class teachers
All the class teachers are requested to update
and verify fee students details accordingly and
deactivate the students if TC is issued.
31 Office maintenance & record keeping

1.Mr. Som Raj TGT (Maths) I/C
2.Mr. Kulwant Raj (UDC)